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Who is Maddie Magdalene?

Maddie Magdalene certainly has a story to tell. Since a young age, she has enjoyed telling stories, in poetry, song, performance, and the written word. In a new chapter for the artist, this natural ability for storytelling is being lifted to new heights with daring production partnered with powerful vocals.

Maddie aspired to a life on the stage originally in musical theatre, at 17 she began to write her way out of a painful time and never stopped writing. With notable acclamations under her belt already such as Mayor of London Song Prize 2018, multiple spins on BBC Introducing in North and West Yorkshire, Amazing Radio, and Riverside Radio, Maddie Magdalene is a promising new artist.

The Unsigned Guide’s Jamie Hamilton praised Maddie’s early success back in 2019: “Maddie radiates a natural ease.. when it comes to music-making. Her melodies are expressive and infectious, her voice is distinctive and her lyrics honest, giving her an edge in a crowded singer-songwriter marketplace.”


"Here" the new single from Maddie Magdalene is OUT NOW.

A vocal timbre that is intense and rich in nuances and that manages to speak directly to the heart and soul of the listener.

Edgar Allen Poets.

The lyrics have power, honesty, rage lying in every word, blowing the anger on the world out.

Rock Era Magazine.

Some vocals on that, really powerful.

Jericho Keys, BBC Introducing North Yorkshire.

When I first listened I thought her vocals really reminded me of Amy Lee from Evanescence. It's just got that really classical timbre to it. 

Luke Knowles, Barstool Music Show, Switch Radio.

Her melodies are expressive and infectious, her voice is distinctive and her lyrics honest, giving her an edge in a crowded singer songwriter marketplace.

Jamie Hamilton, The Unsigned Guide Spotlight.

..the one thing that really stood out for me.. was the kind of pain that she had in her voice. It really added a lot of emotion, which I really enjoyed.

Emily Pilbeam, BBC Introducing West Yorkshire.

Deceptively gentle, and then suddenly this powerful voice arrives from nowhere and takes us on a great journey..

Tony Moore, Live @ The Bedford, Soho Radio.

..this is certainly adventurous and a tad rebellious; but that’s what I like about it..

Julian Spear, Owner, Julian Spear PR.

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